About Us

As our 6th wedding anniversary approached, we decided to do something neither of us had done before: take a three-week long vacation. During what we dubbed our “2016 Europe Adventure,” we visited the city of Amsterdam and fell in love. The Netherlands was such a happy place in general—Amsterdam in particular—that it made us happier simply being there.


Upon returning to our post-vacation lives in California, we started talking more about what it would take to feel that happy more often. How could we create a different kind of life for ourselves—one that minimized as many of the things as possible that drained our energy and maximized the things that gave us joy?


It was during those conversations we began exploring, planning out and creating a new path for our future that would bring us to Amsterdam and help us create a company that allowed our very individual and diverse passions, expertise and love for helping others all fit under one roof.


And so, Happy Adams was born.

About Happy Adams

Working toward a world where everyone can achieve happiness.


Every day the world is becoming more connected and at the same time more divisive. The growing chasm between people with different beliefs, experiences, identities, goals, cultures, and even interests is creating a climate where many people can’t find some joy in one day, let alone achieve sustainable happiness.


Unfortunately, as our perceived differences grow it seems the inability to listen, be together, empathize and communicate clearly with people who think and believe very different things from us grows as well. When we exist in a world dominated by “my way or your way” we can’t build enough common understanding to realize that there are other—and better—ways we can craft, together.


At Happy Adams, we work to create a world where it’s possible for everyone to achieve happiness. We provide a range of services to individuals, groups and to organizations—from helping them to build broader, more inclusive communities, to more deeply understanding the motivations and beliefs of those their trying to influence, to effectively communicate the change they want to see in the world. We do this through various forms of communication, coaching and artistic services. You can click here to learn more.


At the end of the day, our goal is to spread happy. Whether it’s working to bridge ideological divides with more empathically-focused messaging—or bringing people from all walks of life closer together in a community of movement and dance—we are committed to removing the barriers that keep us separated.

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